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Since I’ve gained a huge amount of followers lately, I’ll let you guys in on a lil secret!


So, do you guys wanna know how I get all my money to buy anime and kpop merch and clothes?

I swear this is not a scam ok I am an innocent 16-year old girl (yes this is still I, taeuns lol) I don’t think I’d lie to anyone especially the people who follow my blog LOL honestly, this is how I get the money to buy all my fan merch so I’d like to share it with you guys because it really is cool!

Okay so basically, there’s an app you can download on your iPhone or Android or iPad called “Feature Points”. Trust me, I’ve done my research before using the app myself because I didn’t think this app would ACTUALLY give out free money and giftcards. To sum it all up, this app refers different apps to you and each app is worth a certain amount of “points”. By downloading these free apps, you can earn points and with these points, you can earn rewards such as iTunes giftcards, Amazon giftcards, and PayPal giftcards! Like I said, the apps they refer to you are free, you just have to open the app for like a minute and you’re free to delete the app afterwards and you’ll receive points for it! So pretty much as a reward for downloading and trying out the different apps they recommend, you’ll earn points. Most of the apps they list are games so all you gotta do is play the game for a few minutes and go back to the Feature Points app to get your points.

Here’s proof that it works! This is the first $10 that I gained for this app (that went into buying a SHINee album lol)!


Sooooo what are you waiting for?! Hop on your phone and open up and get started :) And for sharing this awesome app to you guys, I’ll give you 50 points, for free! When you sign up they’ll ask for a referral code— so enter my code, BU1IIW, and I’ll give you 50 free points! Make sure to like this post to let me know that you’ll be using my refferal code!

or if y’all are lazy LOL click this link on your phone and it’ll redirect you to the app!


I really recommend for you guys to check this app out! I’ve gained almost $100 just by using it— lol u know what that means?? yes $100 towards new cute clothes

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Please help my friend fundraise for charity!

Amur Leopards are CRITICALLY endangered, with only about 30 of them left on this Earth. By just donating a few dollars, you can help this species stay alive.

100% of ALL donations from this fundraiser are linked directly to the World Wildlife Fund (we don’t handle any of the donations ourselves, once you donate the money goes automatically to WWF) where they help to keep this species alive.

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